Automated Provisioning

Automate your companies accesses to apps

No more wasted time on manually granting accesses or waiting for access

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The current status quo

9 hours

in average are wasted per employee on
manual accesses mangement

2 days

Is the average waiting time for employees before
getting the right access

One-click Offboarding

Remove all accessess with customizable offboarding workflows for swift access removal, maintaining security and efficiency throughout the employee lifecycle. Ensure that ownership of apps is systematically transferred.

Your company App Store to promote self-service

Offer a consumer-like experience to your employees by promoting app self-service through your own company app store. Corma's employee-side dashboard enables streamlined access requests, putting an end to email or Slack spam and inefficiencies in the access management process.

Onboard in a breeze with groups

Group employees and apps together to effortlessly grant new joiners access to every software used within their level of hierarchy and analyze software usage in departments

Slack first automated provisioning

Empower employees to request app and cloud access through Slack. Reduce time-to-resolution by enabling employees to message approvers and admins within Slack threads. And get notified and approve requests in one click directly in Slack.

Frequently asked questions

Is Corma compatible with every Software tool?

Yes! We can detect any software tool that your teams use through their professional account. You'll get 100% visibility with our tool.

Isn’t Corma just another SaaS tool?

Yes, we are the SaaS to manage your SaaS, or the one SaaS to rule them all if you are a bit geeky and like Lord of the Rings. In all seriousness, the value we provide is to bring transparency and control into your software architecture. We make your tools transparent and manageable. This allows you to optimize the value you receive from existing software.

How implementation-heavy is the solution?

Our solution is plug-and-play. When we set up a user, it takes between two and four minutes. After this, the solution is up and running and can immediately provide value for you. However, we recommend you to keep it running for a longer time which will allow you to gain more valuable insights than just a snapshot.

Is Corma for the manager or the employee?

Both! Corma is a user centric product. The manager can manage costs and accesses through a central system. The employee receives the support he or she deserves by providing a productivity tool so the SaaS landscapes actually has a positive impact on the employee. Say goodbye to death by a thousand SaaS!

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Cut you software spend in half, automate access & licence management and make your auditor love you.

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