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June 16, 2024

Navigating the SaaS Jungle: 6 Signs it's time to manage your software licenses

Samuel Bismut
CTO and co-founder

Conquering the SaaS Chaos: Navigating App Overload with Strategic Software Identity Access Management in Europe

According to Gartner, mid-sized European companies utilize an average of 160 different apps annually. However, for larger enterprises with 2,000 or more employees, this number can easily double or even tripple– a staggering statistic that continues to climb each year. Why the rapid growth? The ease of SaaS adoption, of course! People love to use SaaS and they do!

We spoke with IT experts all over Europe to understand what was the tipping point to look for a technical solution to stay on top of their SaaS. Meet Sophie, the IT manager at a mid-sized software company in France. She's seen first-hand how easy it is for teams to discover and adopt new SaaS tools without proper oversight. It's like a jungle out there, with apps sprouting up left and right.

1. Managing a Menagerie of Apps

Sophie's company is a prime example of the app diversity phenomenon. Each team uses a different set of tools, from CRM platforms for sales to project management tools for engineering. With so many disparate applications, tracking them has become a logistical nightmare. Sophie's desk is cluttered with sticky notes, each representing a different app subscription. To improve that, she created a Notion page to keep track of everything. But this list is a nightmare to update, as the information is constantly getting outdated and lots of subscriptions are not on it. It's time to invest in a SaaS subscription management tool to bring order to the chaos. The alternative would be bringing out the whip to keep the manege in order - but we typically discourage that option.

2. Identity Management Meltdown

Imagine Pierre, the IT specialist, who's juggling multiple hats at a Swiss-based fintech company. With the growing number of SaaS apps, managing user identities has become a full-time job. Pierre spends his days tracking and managing accounts, identifying shadow IT, and confirming unused subscriptions. It's exhausting, and the risk of security breaches looms large. A SaaS management tool could alleviate Pierre's burden and mitigate the risks.

"Streamlining SaaS management with automation tools empowers IT teams to effortlessly track app usage and identify optimization opportunities, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency."

3. Giving the Company Credit Card a Breather

Over in Germany, Katharina, the finance manager, is concerned about the company credit card's constant activity. Employees are quick to sign up for new apps, often leaving unused subscriptions lingering for months. It's a drain on resources and a security risk waiting to happen. A SaaS spend management tool could provide much-needed oversight, ensuring subscriptions are utilized efficiently and reducing unnecessary expenses.

4. ISO 27001 Compliance Nightmares

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, Michael, the compliance officer, is breaking into a cold sweat at the thought of preparing for the next ISO27001 audit. Manually tracking least privilege, user access, and vendor relationships across 79 SaaS apps is a Herculean task. Without a SaaS compliance management tool, Michael's job is a constant uphill battle. It's time to embrace automation and simplify compliance reporting.

5. Ready to Conquer the SaaS World

Back in Spain, Javier, the forward-thinking IT director, is eager to streamline SaaS management and boost productivity. His team is constantly playing catch-up, managing accounts for new hires, promotions, and departing employees. The ever-changing tech stack demands a proactive approach. Javier sees the potential of SaaS management tools to save time, money, and security risks. It's time to take control and empower the team with the right tools.

"Automated SaaS provisioning processes reduce manual workload, enabling swift onboarding of new employees and seamless management of app permissions, leading to smoother operations and enhanced security measures."

6. The Rise of AI in SaaS Management

Across Europe, tech enthusiasts like our very own CEO Héloïse are buzzing with excitement about the potential of AI tools in SaaS management. With AI-driven insights and automation, companies can gain deeper visibility into their app usage, identify optimization opportunities, and stay ahead of the SaaS sprawl. Héloïse envisions a future where AI-powered tools revolutionize SaaS management, making it smarter, more efficient, and less burdensome for IT teams.

In conclusion, the SaaS jungle may seem daunting, but with the right tools and strategies, European companies can navigate the terrain with confidence. Whether it's streamlining app management, enhancing security, or ensuring compliance, investing in a SaaS management tool is a proactive step towards success in the digital age. So, if you're ready to tame the SaaS beast and reclaim control of your tech stack, now's the time to make a change. Your team's productivity, security, and sanity depend on it.

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