March 27, 2024

Open Letter to IT & Ops facing ISO 27001:2022 (vs. 2013)

Héloïse Rozès
CEO and co-founder

Mastering ISO 27001:2022 Compliance – A Strategic Guide for IT Leaders with Insights from the industry on the latest compliance regulation around SaaS

Esteemed IT Directors of scale-ups, companies and enterprise leaders,

Today, I would like to address a critical aspect of tech governance that demands our attention – the regulation of ISO 27001 compliance. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring the robustness of information security management systems is imperative.

As organisations begin the transition process to ISO 27001:2022, they should factor in changes that may be needed across their security processes and updates to their policies, procedures and standard. Transition to the new version should be completed by October 31, 2025, and will require planning, education, staff and budget to accomplish.

Allow me to share some key insights, tips, and advice to guide you through the intricacies of ISO27001:2022 compliance.

In some, I will describe the Corma data usefulness for this topic.

I. Understanding the Landscape

To embark on a successful ISO 27001 compliance journey, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the standard’s requirements and implications for your organisation. This foundational knowledge will serve as the bedrock upon which you can build a resilient compliance framework.

Example with Corma

One of our clients needs to remain ISO 27001 in 2024, and wishes to comply to the new 2022 regulation. To answer its need, we implemented Corma. In a few days after deployment, Corma had built an instant view of its software landscape that will need to be secured during ISO compliance. It was done not only much quicker than a manual review, but with a higher accuracy and a lower price. Empowered by this software landscape (which is nothing but his own dataset), our client is currently taking action to meet the requirements needed.

Compliance is a team effort, and its decisions are data-backed with Corma.

II. Tailoring to Your Needs

Recognise that one-size-fits-all approaches do not align with the complexity of ISO 27001 compliance. Each organisation possesses unique processes, risks, and challenges. Therefore, tailoring the implementation of ISO 27001 to align seamlessly with your specific business needs, ensuring that compliance efforts are effective and integrated into existing workflows.

Example with Corma

With Corma, IT Directors obtain precise knowledge from users software usage, deep dive Shadow IT metrics and access software access insights. Hence, there is no work to do as a team to tailor general statistics to your business use case. Corma has already captured the data and rendered it for you.

III. Engage Stakeholders Effectively

Effective communication is paramount in any compliance initiative. Engage closely with stakeholders across departments to cultivate awareness and understanding of ISO 27001 requirements. Collaboration between IT Directors and various teams is essential to foster a culture of security, ensuring that everyone comprehends their role in compliance.

Example with Corma

With Corma extensions and smooth messaging system via email and Slack, IT Directors can communicate precise informations to targeted user bases to help them manage their software usage including Shadow IT.

IT Directors can communicate with CFOs/VP Finance using precise financial informations and with Human Resources using exact user permissions and accesses.

Thanks to communication, IT becomes the impact center of companies.

IV. Regular Training and Awareness Programs

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, knowledge serves as a potent defense. That is why you should implement regular training programs on ISO 27001 compliance to keep your team informed of the latest standards and best practices. A well-informed team is better equipped to identify and address potential security risks.

Example with Corma

With Corma datasets on retention, adoption and sentiment analysis of users on software, all IT Directors have all the keys in hand to understand precisely what training their users might need, depending on business use cases. Corma helps current clients providing awareness on Shadow IT and building a secure connection ecosystem with Least Privilege Access management.

V. Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

ISO 27001 compliance is not a one-time effort but an ongoing commitment. Establish robust monitoring mechanisms to continuously assess your organisation’s adherence to ISO 27001 standards. Regular audits and reviews should be conducted to identify areas for improvement, ensuring that your security measures evolve with the changing threat landscape.

Example with Corma

Need an access matrix? With Corma, you only need to push a button to receive a matrix of accesses. Soon, you will also dynamically modify it. Book a demo to see it yourself!

VI. Benchmarking Against Industry Best Practices

Maintain competitiveness by benchmarking your ISO 27001 compliance against industry best practices. This strategic approach enables IT Directors to identify opportunities for enhancement, ensuring that their organisation remains at the forefront of information security standards.

The paradigm:

Enterprises are data-rich. They produce software usage data everyday and do not leverage it for business impact. Corma integrates all this data to give it operational value. With this value, deciders can take informed decisions that lead to positive financial and operational consequences.

In conclusion, the regulation of ISO 27001 compliance demands a strategic and adaptive approach.

You, as IT Director, CTO, Chief Operations Officer or Chief Information Officer, play a pivotal role in championing a culture of security and efficiency within your organisations.

As you navigate the intricate web of compliance, remember that it’s not merely a checkbox exercise but a commitment to safeguarding your organisation’s digital assets in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Stay secure and stay compliant, for a safer world.

Héloïse Rozès

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