Corma can plug into Agicap directly and therefore enabling Finance & Accounting practices around having better visibility into software budgets and reducing software cost.

Agicap is a cash flow management platform designed to help businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, gain better control and visibility over their finances. The platform offers tools for tracking cash flow, forecasting future financial positions, and analyzing trends and patterns in income and expenses. Agicap provides visual dashboards and real-time data to enable business owners and finance teams to make informed decisions quickly. By integrating with other accounting software and financial systems, Agicap helps businesses streamline their cash flow management processes and improve overall financial planning.

Corma streamlines the management of software licenses by providing a centralized platform to oversee all your SaaS subscriptions. With its intuitive interface, you can easily track which licenses are active, which are expiring, and which are underutilized. The platform sends timely reminders for renewals and alerts for potential cancellations, ensuring that you stay ahead of your license management. By automatically identifying unused or redundant licenses, Corma empowers you to make informed decisions about which licenses to retain and which to cancel. This proactive approach helps you maintain an efficient and cost-effective software ecosystem, ensuring that you only pay for the licenses you actually need and use.

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