Corma connects to Qonto to enable Finance & Accounting practices around having better visibility into software budgets and reducing software cost.

Qonto is a digital banking platform catering to businesses, offering streamlined financial management solutions tailored to startups, freelancers, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With an intuitive online dashboard and mobile app, users can efficiently manage transactions, make payments, and access account information. Its multi-user access feature enables collaboration within the organization by allowing multiple team members to access the account with customizable permission levels. Qonto simplifies expense tracking through categorization, receipt uploading, and report generation. Additionally, it provides payment solutions such as SEPA transfers, direct debits, and the issuance of physical and virtual payment cards for employees. Through integrations with accounting software and other business applications, Qonto facilitates seamless data synchronization and financial workflow optimization.

Corma streamlines the management of software licenses by providing a centralized platform to oversee all your SaaS subscriptions. With its intuitive interface, you can easily track which licenses are active, which are expiring, and which are underutilized. The platform sends timely reminders for renewals and alerts for potential cancellations, ensuring that you stay ahead of your license management. By automatically identifying unused or redundant licenses, Corma empowers you to make informed decisions about which licenses to retain and which to cancel. This proactive approach helps you maintain an efficient and cost-effective software ecosystem, ensuring that you only pay for the licenses you actually need and use.

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